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March 4, 301 AP

(Readers please note: There is no truth whatsoever to the rumour that Mr Angorit, who will soon become a major shareholder in this company, has asked us to shut down this free service. Utania This Week will continue with Mr Angorit's full support.)

The Census analysis is progressing well according to its director, but the results will not be pleasing. This week the Census team indicated that about six million rural Utani were severely under-employed, and that the poverty problem "may be worse than expected". Utania's reliance on agricultural exports when its primary market, Guwimith, is now looking to Whitlam, is also significantly hurting the countryside.

The first shots were fired this week on the debate over the Death Penalty in Nystonia state. In a closed-doors caucus meeting, the government parties agreed to allow a conscience vote on the contentious issue, a ploy that undermined opposition to the bill in Nystonia state. Already many Utani Saedaj MPs are signalling their intention to oppose a national ban on the death penalty, fearing that the right will be taken from traditional leaders, such as the Savaj Emperor. The last Savaj Emperor to pass a motion for execution was 155ap, when a Savaj chief was found guilty of treason and hanged.

The following quotation can be found on the President's web site, causing some debate as to its purpose: "Once a photograph of the Vexillium, taken from the outside is available... a new idea as powerful as any other in history will be let loose" - Fred Hoyle, 248ap.

President Okarvits confirmed this week that "some expenditure" by Utania had been agreed before he had a chance to suspend all negotiations for military hardware. Utania will purchase less than a billion Crowns worth of vessels and planes.

President Okarvits announced his intention to visit Chiquiti City next Wednesday, and already Presidential Guardsmen are securing the sites the President will visit, amid criticism that the President "obviously doesn't trust the Chiquiti people".

Savaj Netopik is taking a substantial stake in Zeitgeist Magazine to help the latter develop its cable and satellite channel. The new company will have a valuation of Û800 million, and while Angorit and Chairman Van Der Ham will have 35% of the company each, 30% of all shares will be on the open market. Jagged Blue will host Zeitgeist-News-Online (ZNO), the web-based news service complementing the live news broadcast.

Rovens successfully negotiated a truce with the largest communist rebel group, the Pataki Peoples Army (PPA). The hard part now comes with the requirement for the Rovens Army to withdraw 20km from the current frontline, a move considered a humiliation by many.

Roven's only independent news agency, the Rovens Institute, admitted defeat this week and will leave Rovens under threat of death by right-wing supporters of the Rovens Army's "security" unit which came under fire for human-rights abuses by the news agency's reporters.

In a shock move, the troubled Mounist territory of EZO, Fora Rifo, formerly an island for Mounist political prisoners, has been transferred to Feniz! EZO was keen to remove the troublesome island from its archipelago, and theories abound about what the nature of the secret deal between the two nations has been. Some claim it is in response to the victory by moderates in the Sultanate over the religious fundementalist faction.

Lamb's Cove released commemorative coins for their hosting the summer Vexgames. The Luka bid team admit they "would have been hard-pressed" to do so well before hosting the games themselves. Meanwhile, the winter games go ahead with...

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