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March 11, 301 AP

President Okarvits this week announced the creation, by executive order, of a nine million acre (36,000 sq.km) National Park covering the entire Ujam-Yoamith jungle, a source of 60% of the country's logging. The mostly government-owned logging industry will have three years to vacate the jungle and move to plantation trees.

The Bureau of Census released its first report this week, announcing that the population of Utania is actually 46.2 million people, a "rise" of 12.5% on four years ago. The Bureau suspects some "deliberate reduction in population figures" of non-Guwimithians by the previous regime.

The population increase will have a "signifcant impact" on electoral boundaries and voting patterns come the next election, says the Utanian Electoral Commission. But, the question arises as to whether the changes should be implemented before or after the Presidential election. As the changes strengthen the hand of the government, there is no doubt this will become a political bunfight. Fortunately, the UEC is an independent office answering, in part, to the UNV.

President Okarvits visited Chiquiti City on Wednesday to inspect the "excellent" work completed by international aid workers. He was accosted by Chiquiti autonomy protesters, and said he had "no problem" with their autonomy, a statement since played down by Utani B'yan's Governor Artos who opposes "secession".

Nystonia state is gearing up for a state election in the next few months, with popular right-wing Governor Edward Cryer expected to win an even stronger lead over the Peoples Party opposition for his tough-on-crime policies and restoration of "moral order" to the state. International observers call the state's Cruistian-Democrat and Liberal Nationalist government "tyrannical".

Expect a campaign fought over the death penalty, in Nystonia, which Cryer restored, assuming the federal government doesn't beat them to it. Federal pragmatists see overruling the state government as giving away the state election to the Governor, but government idealists want the law banned "no matter the cost".

Utania plays host to its second international sporting event, as cars arrive for the ICARA International Championship race in downtown Luka. BTM, the computing giant, are hosting the event with a record forty cars and teams expected to attend. As it is a street race, traffic will be diverted through the city's network of highways and roads. It is expected to raise millions for the local economy.

President Okarvits refused to listen to proposals to shut down the Utanian tobacco industry, which is worth billions in exports, as Census officials indicated the country was already suffering mass unemployment of around 3 - 4 million, or 15%.

"No news is good news" claimed the President about the Dignanian conflict, in response to questions about the lack of a firm peace announcement from the war-ravaged country.

Rovens scored a major victory with the successful implementation by its own soldiers of the requirements for a truce with the Pataki Peoples Army, the largest of five communist guerilla groups controlling the country's north west. Fears were rife that the Rovens army may simply refuse to withdraw 20km from the "truce line", even that they may stage a coup.

Utania is buying thirteen small warships from the Lendosan Confederation, and leasing one hundred jet fighters to bolster her poor defence capabilities. On the topic of the overall buying strategy, President Okarvits told reporters they would "have to wait until April" for the full plan.

The "exiled" Rovens Institute entered into an agreement with the Zeitgeist corporation, and will be now known as "Rovens Independent Media" (RIM).

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