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April 1st, 301 AP

No Joke!
An attempted coup was made by 300 paratroopers on Friday evening, lead by Colonel Zegannin, taking over the central business district of the capital, Haastadt, then calling on the military to support them and overthrow the "communist" PIMR government. Sporadic gun battles between members of the city police, whose police chief refused to accept the validity of the coup, and the paratroopers killed as many as ten, but made little progress in ousting the rebellious soldiers. Only condemnation for their actions from the military commander in chief, General Keralski, put an end to the coup. To date, all but a few soldiers have surrendered and returned to their barracks.

Utania's frosty relations with Rovens appear to have thawed, assuming the latter nation survives for long. President Okarvits condemned the attempted coup and spoke with President Kyonte of Rovens at length on Saturday morning offerring to full moral support of the Utanian government. Now that the coup is over, diplomats are anticipating extensive relations between the two countries.

Markets in Luka were closed by the time to coup took place in Rovens, so the effect of a possible lack of stability in the region will not be known until Monday morning. However, Utanians appear to have taken the coup in their stride, many being unimpressed with a democratic socialist government to the north. News coverage was limited, as few cameras could get near the action, but managed to stretch to large segments of the weekend.

Coverage was also available from the Jagged Blue/Zeitgeist News web site:
It is the first time the web site has been used to provide up-to-the minute news about a fast-breaking story. Several hits were noted from around the world when the news broke through a general press bulletin, and coverage was maintained throughout the situation, until General Keralski's condemnation of the coup on Sunday morning. Zeitgeist News plan to use this method whenever fast-paced stories break.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world appears to have not noticed. Other than Utania, and the UNV mission in Rovens, there were no declarations of condemnation for the coup. Perhaps it is a measure of the perceived importance of Rovens in the international sphere.

Nystonian Elections
Nystonia state, the smaller of the east-coast states, is preparing to go to the polls. Predictions are for a massive landslide in favour of the Cruistian Democrat-Liberal Nationalist government that has ruled for the past four years introducing sweeping changes to the state, including massive infrastructure projects and the death penalty.

Polls put the CDP at 34% of the state vote, the LNP at 18%, Conservative 9%, Democrat 8%, while the opposition parties total 28%, being 5% each for the Utani-Saedaj and left-wing Republican parties and 18% for the Peoples Party and 3% for "others". Meanwhile, the race for Governor is appearently one horse: 65% for Governor Cryer, 29% for Ashton and 6% undecided and for others.

Meanwhile, the promised "reign of fire" from the state's federal Peoples Party MPs on the issue of the death penalty appears to have been doused. The issue has featured in several news reports, but has not been the topic of debate by the opposition Gubernatorial-candidate, Mongomery Ashton. Instead, Ashton has focused on government accountability and the mounting state debt.

President Okarvits promised to strengthen the Industrial base in Utania with the creation of the Utanian Munitions and Armaments Corporation (UMAC) which will be responsible for the building of munitions, and the higher profile equipment projects, including the multi-billion pund "Firecats" jet fighter design and construction project.

Cooler weather has caused the federal bureau of hurricane watchers, HuMOC, to decrease the risk category for Utania. This pulls emergency services from high-alert, during which time a permanent number had to be on site to respond immediately to emergencies. Now they can relax until the snow season begins the floods in spring.

Reinforcements for Dignanian Peacekeepers are due to arrive in Dignania on Tuesday, and none too soon, says General Gordain, who told the Luka Herald that his men were stretched to their limit. President Okarvits' spokesman downplayed the comment as the General's "frank admission" as opposed to a criticism of the President's refusal to send more than 6000 reinforcements. Rumours abound that the General asked for 20,000 before the end of March.

Utania's football season is beginning again, with the second round being played this weekend. Last year's champions, Luka Central, are set to repeat that with stunning victories over Richmond and Nystos Central clubs so far.

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