Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
April 8th, 301 AP

State Election
Nystonia state reelected, as expected, the CDP-LNP government of Governor Cryer, but not by the enormous margin expected. The government holds power by a single vote, but with that single vote has a freer hand to enact some of the more controversial items of legislation opposed by the Democrats, on whom the government relied in the previous Parliament.

Feniz's oil corporation, Oil Feniz, is sending an oil exploration ship to Glaciaria, but keeping at least 3.1 nautical miles from the Northern Gronk-claimed frozen wasteland. Peacegreen, the international environmentalist group, is said to be protesting the oil exploration so close to the Glaciaria continent, fearful of enormous damage should an oil spill result.

Markets in Utania took only a slight dip on Monday morning after the attempted coup in Rovens failed. Arthur Reagan MP, Minister for the Economy, said he expected the market to "continue as planned" after the threat to regional stability ended. Utanian markets are moderately bouyant despite continued reliance on tight capital controls and a fixed exchange rate.

Wars and rumours of wars
Tensions heightened along the border between Feniz and Phenixia, as the former laid claim to the north-western Phenixian province of Champoise. Presenting a well-conceived and thought-out claim to the province, the Fenizians withdrew the claim within the 48-hour ultimatum period set by the Phenixians, who backed their ultimatum with the mobilisation of troops to the border with the newly expanded Feniz. The brief clash does highlight the need for national maps to align with the international ones.

The clash has threatened the position of the Sultan, with some reformers calling for him to step down. The Divan, the country's parliament, elected a new Sultan, the current Prime Minister.

The coup in Rovens is over, and on Wednesday morning heavily-armed military police finally arrested Colonel Zegannin, the Paratrooper commander who had lead the attempted coup, after a tense three-day stand-off. General Keralski, CiC for the armed forces, guarenteed no repercussions for the paratroopers who immediately surrendered, but a court martial awaits those who continued to resist with the Colonel.

"Spheres of influence" have become the new means of dividing the world between the "Great Powers", claims the leftist Republican Party. Robert Talin issued a terse statement to the world stage, via the UNV, denouncing the declaration of "Spheres of Influence", instead calling on nations to negotiate and agree the role of international waters.

Christiana has, in contravention of international agreements, declared a fifty mile Sovereign Seas claim - fifty nautical miles about her coastline shall be exclusive military, seafaring and economic-development zones. It is understood that the international convention on Vexillium was twelve nautical miles.

A convoy of five Utanian ships, including two frigates, a destroyer and two transport ships, arrived with five thousand additional Peacekeepers in Dignania. The total number of troops is now 16,900, yet General Gordain is said to be lobbying for an additional fifteen thousand troops.

The Utanian Electoral Commission is busily preparing the final draft of the new electoral boundaries for Utania. The result is expected within ten days, said UEC-Director, Walter Dale.

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