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April 29th, 301 AP

Reserve Bank blunder?

The Economic Analysis department in the Reserve Bank of Utania, which is analysing the economic figures from the census, was embarassed this week when a radical government MP, Joh'nn Apasye, revealled figures from a confidential report exclusive to cabinet. An enquiry has been announced, while Apasye demanded action over massive inequality and Utani poverty in rural Utania.

As the Census Bureau found that Utania's birth rate dropped in 299 by "as much as 15%" due to the instability surrounding the collapse of the Guwimithian Empire. While last year, as independence was achieved, the birth rate compensated and rose by an incredible 28%. Professor Julliard of the Luka Maternity Hospital supports the figures, and asked the government to provide a "significant increase" in the number of maternity beds due to the massive increase in births. Utania had over one million babies last year or 23 per 1000 population.

No decision yet on whether a fresh Parliamentary election will be held in the near future in response to the electoral commission's review of electorates. Numerous MPs are in favour of a completely new election, which will delay Presidential elections another year until January 303, but it is understood the President opposes this.

Yet another treaty turn-down

The Prime Minister and Attorney General told the world that Utania cannot sign the treaty on extradition because the matter is one for the Parliament to address, and without specific legislation it will not sign a treaty. Instead, the President will directly appoint a "Presidential Magistrate" to evaluate the case. It shows the clear mark of Attorney General Hoff, a long-time believer in strong Presidential powers. The opposition decried the decision as "abdication of authority" by the Prime Minister and called for an immediate enquiry.

The Luka Herald published a scathing editorial on the "duelling Mayor" of Kharazhom, Western Zartania, and received a similarly terse reply from the Zartanians. GZE Foreign Affairs Minister Young said that the comments "may" affect the Empire's bilateral relations with Utania.

Armatirion's legislators, with full Presidential support, moved to seize all undeveloped property owned by religious organisations. The Luka Herald and others attacked the move as further inflammation of Utani nationalist sentiments.

Further inflaming Utanian nationalists, Armatirion held naval exercises in the sea of Eulos for 48 hours from Saturday morning. While President Okarvits said there was "nothing to be concerned about", Nationalist leader Thomas Abels declared the exercises a "clear provocation".

Utanian replacement peacekeepers are en route to Dignania at the moment, due to arrive around May 7th. The 5700 troops will replace the longest serving peacekeepers in Dignania, who will return by the end of May.

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