Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
May 6th, 301 AP

Utania's export products are rotting on the docks, and the Belson corporation is going broke because of government inaction, claim Belson excecutives in a current affairs programme this week. The opposition blames the currency being fixed to the Crown, and wants it floated to solve the problem. President Okarvits, for his part, is buying, at cost the excess and giving it to needy countries, such as Dignania.

Pressure is mounting in Utania's Parliament for the decision on whether to send the President to the polls in January, or to stabilise itself and go to an immediate election to resolve the massive imbalance in the Parliament as a result of the findings of the Census. At this stage, the government is pushing for a Parliamentary revote, but only if there is minimal campaigning time - a snap election.

The Minister for Trade (and Economics), Arthur Reagan, has dropped hints that Utania has secured a deal with former colonial masters, Guwimith, for the export of more than thirteen billion punds (C4.3bn) worth of agricultural, mining produce and clothing to the island nation. Utania was once the "bread-basket" of the Guwimithian Empire that collapsed two years ago and gave independence to Utania.

The Utanian Football Association, UFA, has been the subject of a long-running investigation into fraud and corruption, but the operation was secret even to police agent's families. This week, the news was made public when federal agents raided the UFA offices in four cities, arresting thirty people and providing the reformist faction of the UFA Board the upper hand.

Protests in Utania for May Day, the traditional day of protest for non-Utani, have been very low-key compared to previous years, attracting only a few thousand.

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