Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
June 4th, 301 AP

A border incursion resulted in a firefight between the 11th Utanian Mechanised Infanty Brigade and border soldiers, and ~110 members of a South Bay paramilitary group. The latter came off second best, severely outgunned, with only 30 of their number escaping back over the border. The battle cost 17 rebels their lives, and 62 are captive. 19 Utanians were injured. Now, the question is "why?"

Interim or mid-term elections were announced by the Prime Minister this week that will see the 140 member Parliament turn into a 156 member one on July 7th. The stipulation which gained government support for the opposition-sponsored motion were that regardless of the result, the President will retain his position. The opposition countered: these were interim elections having NO impact on the electoral timetable, in other words, the Parliament had still only had four and a half years, minus the past nine months, of life remaining.

President Okarvits, however, is apparently not aware of the looming election, but may be when Lasanne's 14 million people experience looming power cuts and "brown outs". The President crushed plans by industry groups and Lasanne's Conservative Governor Hope to provide 15,000 more jobs and greater electricity supply security building two new coal power stations and possibly a second nuclear station. The President said the two coal-fired stations would pump 200,000 tonnes of sulpher dioxide into the air annually. Environmentalists worldwide cheered. Industry groups did not.

A virulent strain of the influenza virus has broken out in Albion-Merite killing sixteen so far in the north of the country. The streets have been cleared to contain the virus, but fears that it may spread worldwide are already being raised.

Utania's insurance companies finally had their hands on the Utanian Life tables that allow them to finally offer health and life insurance with increased certainty, and lower premiums. But, the government refused to allow the tables to be released based on race, forcing non-Utani to pay more as poor Utani life expectancy pulls the total result down.

It was announced with the release of the Utanian life tables that life expectancy for the average Utanian is 67.56 years, though only 63.6 for Utanian men. The release also included cause of death statistics, which revealled eighty thousand people are killed by accidents annually in Utania.

2.6 million immigrants came to Utania since 140ap, and they and their descendants now number 11 million non-Utani in Utania. Major impediments to immigration: increasing autonomy for the Dependency provinces. Apparently military governors were preferred.

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