Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
June 11th, 301 AP

Invasion aftermath

As Utania began to ask why ~110 South Bay paramilitaries would cross the Utanian border and face down the Utanian army, a demand was made by the rebel group for the release of their leader whom the Army has in captivity. The President has flatly refused.

Utania has struck a deal with the Lendosan Confederation to export 21 million tonnes of agricultural produce to them earning Utania Û29.5 billion in export revenue. It shut the opposition up, and bolstered government bravado such that President Okarvits has authorised the formation of the Utanian Trade Board (UTB) to operate initially out of twelve countries.

There is 28 million possible voters according to the census, while only 23.6 million voters voted in the last election, of 25.3 million registered - a shortfall of 2.7 million registered voters. The Utanian Electoral Commission has headed out with a Û10 million campaign to convince them to enrol to vote. There is 3.4 million Utanians over the age of 65 who are likely to be that shortfall. Voting registration is compulsory only between ages 18 and 65.

Environmental disaster

Utania is heading for an environmental disaster claims an international environmental lobby group, Biodiversity Vexillium. Visiting Utania on Tuesday, they released a damning report on the state of the country's biodiversity and land degradation and called for "immediate reforms". President Okarvits met with the authors briefly to everyone's surprise.

Attorney General Jurgen Hoff has admitted that he never thought he would say it, but the country doesn't have enough lawyers, he said. Under the revised rules for criminal prosecutions, the workload has doubled overnight. The country's 60,000 legally trained are pressed greatly, struggling with such a heavy workload.

Zeitgeist Shares floated

Shares in the now publicly floated Zeitgeist Corporation began trading on June 4th, Monday of the past week, and ended the week positively on Û1.02 despite pessimistic views of the prospects of the satellite the company requires for the Zeitgeist News satellite channel. There is 250 million shares listed for the now Û867 million company on the Luka stock exchange.

The average Utani communal farm pays about Û5 a week per family in taxes, reported the Reserve Bank. However, balance this knowing these average families of seven only earn Û70 a week. The Reserve Bank issued a single-page brief on the 5,300 such communal farms of 1,563 people each. They are considered the poorest group of people in Utania.

Football players in the country's UFA two leagues called for the end to police presence at their training and in their dressing rooms, and an end to the politics that they have little interest in. Police have been omnipresent since UFA offices were raided a month ago over a corruption investigation of the association.

Luka have beaten their eighth team this year, crushing Shecker 2-0. And a 1-0 win by Richmond in Monday evening's game against Utan Krysaror in the capital will put them in second place in the premier league.

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