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August 27th, 301 AP


President Okarvits has been under significant pressure since he authorised the raid on the Aij Utani jet that turned violent. A parliamentary sub-committee, dominated by the Opposition, has decided to have a "comprehensive and detailed" investigation into the raid, with a view to embarassing the President. Meanwhile, South Bay has expelled all-but-a-few of the agents and officials remaining in Lochboer, and threatened to impound the crippled jet unless reparations are paid for damage to the airport terminal building, estimated to be about Û40 million.

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Alvarono Venerar, deputy Corpratarch of LBC, the Lendosan broadcaster that 33%-owns the Starlight Corporation, has been named CEO of Starlight. Starlight Corporation will own a geostationary satellite over Utania and provide satellite television to an estimated one million households by the end of next year. Venerar brings several years LBC experience and several of his own deputies to the new Û1.5 billion venture.


Rumours abound that the President has finally signed off on a list of requirements for the Utanian naval and land forces. Though there are no details, it is known that the recent visit by the Zartanian commander of all forces was a key incentive to completing the negotiations.

The President was all smiles this week at the launch of three of the country's newest jet fighters: Firecats. The Utanian Munitions and Armaments Corporation (UMAC) has been working on resurrecting the formerly Guwimithian project based in Luka since January 19th. Almost 4,000 people have been employed at the plant, almost double the projected number, and even more will be required. These prototype jets will be put through their paces to prove construction is without errors.

The Weapons Limitation Treaty is back on the books, with President Okarvits telling government ministers he intends to sign the treaty. Opposition members are horrified, saying there is "absolutely no need" to limit Utania's fighting force.
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Though it is moving incredibly slowly, postal reform is moving. This week, the post code working party agreed to create several new postcodes for each of the naval warships in the Utanian Navy, and five postcodes for the Dignanian Peacekeepers. The country is currently beset by three postal companies refusing to merge due to union objections and fears of job losses.

President Okarvits announced this week the formation of an Institute of Agriculture to employ 3,000 scientists, technicians and teachers, and have 1,500 students, with 300 graduating each year. The Û215 million initial investment and Û110 million annual cost will provide much needed expertise in agriculture and a boost for the Nystonian rural economy. The Opposition Leader said it was an "expensive means to get 300 graduates each year", but was generally supportive. However, he was embarassed when the Democrats attacked it saying the money should be funneled into pre-existing universities that already offer such courses and do such research.

Achenar looks likely to become "Trinia" after the overwhelming victory for reformers in gaining 73% of voter support in a referendum last week. The reformers, increasingly lead by Premier Taraer, are seeking to introduce a "Fourth Reign" of the somewhat unknown traditional Trinian governance over the communist regime.

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