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September 3rd, 301 AP


Three members of cabinet in Governor Artos'es Utani B'yan state government have been arrested by state and federal police for their involvement in a multi-million pund fraud over the construction of apartment building's in the nation's capital. Several local council officials have already been arrested, and the ministers were charged not with masterminding, but aiding and abetting the crimes. Both former-Governor now-President Okarvits, whom Governor Artos replaced, approved of the arrests, but it leaves the Utani B'yan government on shakey ground, which faces re-election next year.

No new President yet in Rovens, but a special session of the National Assembly has been called for Monday. The rumour mill is tipping a deal between Amea Kope and the communists.


President Okarvits hit back at his critics over the Lochboer affair, saying he acting in the best interests of the passengers and of the nation, and openly revealled the intelligence gathered on the paramilitary group "Yellow Dawn". He presented intelligence that there were possibly strong ties to a Northern Gronk nationalist faction, and evidence of terrorism against Ramal-Utani who live in South Bay, who accuse the Ramal of separatist guerilla activities. It is the first such detailed revelation on the situation in South Bay, and reinforced the need not to negotiate with the group. The President said that UPIA was still investigating.

In a related note, the President announced this week that Zartanian advisers will assist Utanian Army trainers, and that Utanian Tokape soldiers will train with Zartanian specialist soldiers in Zartanian training operations. When asked whether Tokape soldiers would join Zartanian specialists in their military operations, the President said they "certainly will".

Meanwhile, a recent poll has revealled strong and growing support for the President over the Lochboer hijacking, with most believing his statement that the raid was supposed to "subdue not exterminate" the hijackers and rescue unharmed the passengers. He received a massive 81% approval for his actions in the hijacking, with another 10% saying they felt more negotiation should have been attempted.

However, the President ended the week, reported his spokesman, with injury, hurting his back and will enjoy rest only for the remainder of the week. Numerous engagements for the President have now been postponed.

The Opposition accused the government of using legislation to "get its way" in the increasingly controversial Savant Motors legal case, in which a former part-owner in the company is suing for a portion of shares, claiming he was forced to sell. The government has issued a fifth piece of legislation that allows it seizure access to documents that may prove the legitimacy of the claim against itself, so that they can be tabled in court and used by Mr Savante. An unusual tactic designed to help the government lose the case, so it can right a wrong. It accuses the former-partners of Mr Savante of "burying the evidence".

The Opposition took the opportunity to attack the President's failure to present a revised cabinet, accusing him of failing to deliver the "top quality people" that the nation needs. They said the President was "clearly tired" and should step aside. They said the President should "heed the message from Rovens", that a tired government would be swept aside by peoples power for failing to achieve.

Members of the Burovian and Liberal parties met this week to discuss the possibility of joining forces. The Liberal Party, once a liberal force in Lasanne and Nystonian states, has been excluded from federal politics, failing to gain a single seat. The Liberals are talking "merger", while the Burovians are downplaying the possibility in favour of joint candidates in the Lasanne state election later this year.


Yet another five thousand Utanian peacekeepers have been swapped over, with several battallions of the most experienced peacekeepers finally going home. They were greeted at Lidcombe Naval base by thousands of cheering relatives and public. The President told them they had "served their country with distinction in serving the principles of peace" by helping bring peace to a "deeply divided land".

A computer game company based in Luka, Xenon Games, has started development on a series of historical and modern games relating to Utania and Utani history. CEO Matt Grier said the company was the first in the world to write gaming software specifically for the Utanian market, and was proud to use this medium to promote "understanding of Utani history" for teenagers.

Premier Taraer of Achenar gave a speech signalling the end of the Communist Federation, and the birth of the "Trinian Empire". This prompted communists in Utania and Rovens to call for the expulsion of Achenar from the International Communist Forum for preaching "nationalism".

From four million serving in the military to half that number, and in Zartania it is a considerably radical plan! Zartanian Grand Admiral High General, Erik vun Orcton, plans to abolish the draft and push serving conscripts into reservist militias. The plan is in response to the heavy cost being endured with so many being conscripted each year.

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