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October 8th, 301 AP


Utanian President, George OKARVITS, was keen to stay on at the Canhoto conference, but with the political storm created by his speech on Saturday September 29th, he was forced on Wednesday to return home. Though greeted at the airport waiting press, the President made no comment until a press conference on Thursday and told reporters that his speech was "clear as to my intentions". He addressed the Parliament, where support for his plan is weak, with the Canhoto speech. The President told reporters that he is "determined to press-on regardless" of poor support.

The President has received strong support from green groups, including the umbrella Free Green Collective, whose leader Dawn K'njossa credited the President with "showing enormous leadership qualities for such a determined stand on such a critical issue, even when the population is not convinced."

On the topic of who would be the inaugural Special Minister for Environmental Strategy there has been little official word. Officials are still in Canhoto speaking to several attendees, and are said to be collecting resumes. All resumes can be e-mailed to the President's special e-address:
Candidates must have a command of the Ingallish language. Command of other languages, especially Utani, would be enormously beneficial. The Utanian President is an "equal opportunity employer".

<tech> In all seriousness, I am keen to use a name from somewhere overseas, and that this name has a background that is consistant with your nation will be even better from a realism perspective. So, the more creative and realistic the name and career of a prospective, the better -- please send them along. While you might not get to "control" the "character", it would obviously benefit bilateral relations. Obviously, names from nations with a stronger proven environmental history will be considered first. </tech>


The Belson Utanian Open golf championship was won recently by none other than Utanian champion Amea ARETASUNA, who ended two strokes ahead of the nearest competition, Hovanec and Uunderfvil, with a final 18 strokes under par. He was clearly ahead of the competition all through after two very strong rounds on the first two days, coming in six then seven under. Incredibly, two Utanians were also in equal fourth place in the match series, Goran RANNATOSU and Samual N'BANJ. Overall, all six Utanians benefitted greatly from the Utanian crowd who cheered them on about the Luka golf course. Aretasuna dedicated his win not only to "My Lord", but to the Utani people and "their strong character which shaped me into the man before you", and to the crowds who followed him with "great dedication". While Aretasuna walks away with Û1.62 million (C540 million), the six Utanians collectively won almost Û2.56 million (C853,244) of the Û7.5 million-plus prize pool. Aretasuna was given the keys to the city by Luka's mayor, and praised by the electioneering Governor Hope, followed by all six golfers being given a tickertape parade, courtesy of the Governor. Governor Hope has been a strong supporter of golf in Utania, and was heartened by the great crowds welcoming the golfers.

The election in Lasanne state, set for November 17th, is hotting up with the opposition promising stronger relations with the federal government with whom the Governor has off-and-on fought. The Governor rebuffed the promise as "poor for the people of this state". The government is well ahead in the polls, and is tipped to strengthen its hold on power, despite a rise in the Burovian Party's popularity.

The Liberal-Burovian merger has been put on hold for this election, with a solid coalition agreement instead agreed, including agreement to not stand candidates against eachother. Mixed opinions within the Burovians about the nature of their party have slowed negotiations.


The leader of the federal Burovian Party, Max Boornal, this week dropped a bombshell for the Burovian movement: he admitted he was personally not yet in favour of dispensing with democracy, as per the Burovian credo. "I think the people should still have a say in the policies of government," he told an interviewer. This strengthened the case for a merger of the Liberal and Burovian parties. Insiders say Naahi Bennett is "stunned", but told reporters that "The ultimate decision lies with the people, and Mr Boornal is only reflecting majority opinion of the moment."

The Boornal comments have echoed around the world, with Zartanian Imperial Council member, Interior Minister Kestra Andrèv, saying that the comments could reflect the beginning of the fracturing of the Burovian "mantle of invincibility."

Rumours abound that a satellite launch for the Utanian Starlight Corporation could be as soon as in the next week. The company says it is "on target" for commencing broadcast on Friday, December 7th. Zeitgeist News is ready for full- time broadcasting, says General Manager David Kier.

The Armatirian "Day of Revolution" national holiday was greeted by relative silence by the Liberal Nationalist Party, in contrast to last year, though some nationalist groups held demonstrations on Saturday to protest the government's policy of dialogue with the nation.


The Savant Motors case is back in the courts, with the families of the former partners of Mr Savante, who were successfully shown to have "cheated" the then young man of his share in the company, raising an independent appeal in the federal courts against the ruling. Independent because they do so as "free citizens" not on behalf of the government. The government is defending the ruling saying the families have no right to this action. The families are also suing Mr Savante for defamation. Mr Savante was awarded Û1.8 billion in shares in Savant Motors by the State High Court, but will not be paid until such legal actions are concluded.

As the Caledonian Parliament debates whether to ban all firearms except those used by police and law enforcement, the news prompted comment from the three Yannist (independent) Utani MPs who claimed rifles were used for food hunting by the Ramal-Utani and that curbing their ownership in Utania would prompt "a strong reaction".

Frosty relations between Feniz and Zartania appear to be thawing after a statement of interest to renegotiate a defence treaty by the Zartanians. The government of Feniz is worried about its strict neutrality being called into question, but the old guard are being increasingly muzzled by the dynamic leader, I'D Doo-Itt.

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