Zeitgeist Magazine's Utania This Week
October 22nd, 301 AP


Utania has now entered the space age with the launch of the very first Utanian satellite on Saturday morning (Oct 20th). The two-thirds government owned Starlight Corporation launched a Berecastanio I communications satellite from the Free Confederate Community Space Agency launchsite in Lombriga. The Û745 million (ChC 248.4 million) satellite and launch is the first major step in the introduction of satellite-based communications in the SEOC region. The two-tonne satellite will provide television, data and telephone communications to the wider region.

The Starlight Corporation is experiencing internal trouble say insiders, with the announcement that the provisional management will stay on an additional few weeks. The new CEO, former-deputy Corpratarch of LBC, Alvarono Venerar, is seeking to implement a more hierarchical management structure to replace the very "dynamic and flat" structure implemented by the provisional management. The Starlight Board employed accounting firm Prize Waterlouse Cooperins to act as the provisional management team at a cost of Û45 million.

As the Canhoto Conference came to a close, President Okarvits was unable to devote time to establishing a formal charter or series of final agreements for the continued focus on the environment, due to domestic matters, and was reported to be feeling "quite disappointed" about this. The Burovian Realm tried their own: an international system of parks and reserves to be called "Vexillium Environmental Heritage Preserve Areas" (VEHPAs). Many believe that without the UNV's backing, the environment will continue to languish as an uncoodinated issue, and the UNV appears to have its own issues moving into the new General Assembly Building.


Utania's Savant Motors have taken over the Mostowski plant in Cluj, Rovens, in a seemingly pre-emptive move to head off the Lendosan-based auto-maker, Lilimea Corporation. Lendosan Confederation officials have been seen making overtures to President Kope's government of late. The plant will receive Û500 million in investment to have it producing 35,000 vehicles by late next year.

Governor Hope and his Peoples Party rival, Rupert McKay, locked horns in debate this past weekend, with the Governor winning with much to spare. The Governor managed to keep the debate on his favourite topics: the economy and business. He also took some swipes at the federal government which, he says, is deflating the economy for "short-term gains", and accused Mr McKay of wanting to do likewise. The most recent polls put the Governor well ahead of McKay, 58% over 37% (5% undecided).

Dark moves are afoot in the Lendosan Confederation to accept individual votes by the population in elections based on their ability to answer certain "patriotic" questions. The push by the Imperial Party was greeted with little dissent from parties other than the Libertarian League. While Utania's government refused to comment, several MPs denounced the idea as "democracy by pop-quiz".

King Edward II of Christiana has celebrated his fifteenth wedding aniversary in the past two weeks, after a year of scandal and tribulation for the longest serving modern Monarch.


The very uneven UFA football competition predictably saw Luka Central top the country's premier league, four points ahead of nearest rivals Utan Krysaror, and a full 16 points ahead of third-placers, Richmond. The new UFA management are promising a "far more even competition next year". In the second division, RFA Geelong championed the league and looks set to join the premier competition next year. Mulgrave, Luka Heights and TFA Agraam will also join them in a fight for line honours. Meanwhile, the UFA are also in talks with Starlight management to establish a UFA channel on the satellite television network. But, for now, they will focus on the knock-out competition that will see the two divisions expand to sixteen teams.

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