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Women's health
Antibiotic use, synthetic underwear, sweating and contraceptive pills can all lead to fungal infections when traveling in hot climates, including Utania. Wearing loose clothing and cotton underwear can help prevent these infections.
     Pregnant women should also weigh carefully traveling to Utania. Aside from small risks from tropical diseases, some vaccinations and medicinal cures can harm pregnant women or their child. Most miscarriages occur within the first three months, and the last three months of pregnancy should be spent within close distance to a major city, as premature births can be best treated in modern hospitals with the required facilities, few of which exist away from Nystonia and Lasanne. However, it should be noted that only the major cities will have the best in premature baby-care, and travellers may find they are required to travel to their home country to get the best treatment, for Utania is not the most up-to-date nation in medical-technology, even in the major cities like Luka.
     Please also note that abortions are currently illegal in Nystonia state, and not state-subsidised anywhere else in Utania. Therefore, few hospitals outside Lasanne can or will perform the procedure "on demand". Otherwise, medical emergencies or conditions necessitating abortions are not illegal, nor unknown, so travelers should not fear in this regard.

Public Health System

The public health system in Utania is, like most things, well-established in Lasanne and Nystonia, but much less so in Utani B'yan and significantly less in Savana. Treatment can be received from the emergency room of any hospital. Foreigners will be required to settle their bill with the hospital after treatment, and, as most hospitals are government run, travelers will find the treatment less expensive than elsewhere in Vexillium.


In the major cities, condoms are available from chemists, and from vending machines in licensed nightclubs. Outside the major cities, particularly outside Lasanne, they will be difficult to obtain. Furthermore, without a marriage license, they will not be available in some Nystonian chemists - the law there strictly forbids "casual sex".
Utani tribesmen are quite respectful of women, particularly married women, so there will be few issues there. Some in Savana or hinterland-Utani B'yan may regard it unusual for a lone woman to travel alone, but there is no question of her safety. This is not, however, an excuse to not remain normally vigilant.
     On the modern east coast, women will find the risks equal to most cities of equal size worldwide: rape is not unheard of, but neither frequent. Women should simply abide by the time-honoured advice of their mothers. Penalties for rape in Nystonia are particularly fierce (castration for serial rapists or even execution), but it remains an issue.
     Victims should immediately contact local police, and may receive free counselling provided or from the National Womens Assault Hotline on 0800 349 8810.


Travellers should be aware that gay rights are not as well supported in Utania as elsewhere in the world. For example, "homosexual acts" are strictly illegal in Nystonia state. though overt displays of affection might get a negative response in smaller towns and rural villages.
     In Nystonia, any overt displays of affection are likely to see travellers arrested for "public lewdity", facing criminal prosecution and prison of up to five years. To engage in "homosexual acts" attracts a sentence of up to ten years imprisonment. Soliciting for or coercing someone for gay sex will attract even heavier penalties of up to thirty-five years jail. To say the least, Nystonia is not the place to visit for a gay honeymoon. Having said this, unless travelers are careless with the legal issues, most public officials are not interested in enforcing the strict code of those laws, and will allow gay travelers, particularly foreigners, to pass with a wink and a nod.
     In the more culturally Utani states, Utani B'yan and Savana, though there is no official position against homosexuality, overt displays may attract some unwanted police harassment and total bewilderment from locals. Amongst many of these deeply religious people, homosexuality is unknown and they will simply assume you are "good and close friends". Male affection is not unknown amongst Utani, and men sharing a room, even a bed, is not considered unusual. It would unwise to take advantage of this,

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