Facts about Utania - 40

though reports are few of homophobic violence in these states, as the intense religiousness of the people promotes tolerance.
     In Lasanne state, however, while homosexuality is frowned upon, and some discord may arise outside the major cities, travelers should have fewer concerns here. In Luka itself, there has developed a burgeoning gay community, and tolerance is the approach of the majority. The Luka Gay and Lesbian Office can be contacted on +151 20 499 2011.


While disabled travelers should find little difficulty getting around in Lasanne state, where most buildings will provide wheelchair access, outside the major cities, wheelchair-bound travelers will find getting around difficult. The major tourist resorts have some facilities, but even they are limited. The Matu-Omaraj Guidebook to Hotels and Public Buildings provides a good list of buildings and hotels that have facilities for disabled people.


People over 60 will find they are eligible for numerous discounts in Utania, with museums, Art galleries, public transport and the national train network offering up to 50% discounts for the elderly.
     Senior travelers will find themselves dealt with with a great deal of courtesy and deference, as Utanians have a great deal of respect for their senior citizens. This is doubly the case outside the east coast region. There, more traditional values are observed by Utani, and senior travelers will always receive offers of assistance and discounts for their traveling.


There is few troubles of a human-kind that travelers should find in Utania. Luka and other east coast large cities will have crime problems, but they are not endemic. Travelers should take the usual precautions. Another threat to travelers is tropical diseases.
The law in Nystonia state is particularly strict, having penalties for all sorts of otherwise minor offenses, including littering. Don't even contemplate bringing drugs into the state, be very careful with male-male affection (see section on Gay travelers), and be careful with any literature you decide to distribute (no anti-religion, pro-gay rights, pro-drugs, etc).
       Any of these "crimes" can see you quickly imprisoned in Nystonia, and foreign embassies have had a hard time to date extricating travelers from these situations.
     Police do have, except in Lasanne, the right to search baggage or personal belongings with "probable cause". In Nystonia the "probable causes" are an infinite list, and in Savana and Utani B'yan the law is so new police and magistrates are unlikely to know not to authorise such searches, though in the latter two states, police are also less likely to initiate such searches.
     The Yannist movement, particularly in the north of Savana state, has been targeting people who appear to be foreign businessmen for rough treatment. Few kidnappings have eventuated recently, but all Embassies have issued warnings to all travelers to wear casual clothing in that area.
The emergency numbers for all of Utania are:
Police    0121
Fire    0122
Ambulance 0123
or simply 011, which will put you through to the emergency services operator.
      Hurricanes also represent a significant threat to travelers to Utania, as Utania and Guwimith lie in the path of the old-southern hemisphere's cyclone path. This is a particularly strong risk between January and March, but Hurricanes have been known as early as November and as late as May, though clearly less likely. The Utanian government increasingly recognises this risk and is providing early warning systems and shelters for coastal regions.


Normal business hours are 8am to 5pm, and most museums, galleries, libraries and living museums will be open these hours or an hour short of them. On Saturdays most businesses will be open, but not all. On Sunday, nearly all of Utania, including Luka in the morning, will be closed. Some parts of Luka will open on a Sunday afternoon, from about 2pm, but otherwise Sunday mornings are wholly devoted to church-going.

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