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National Holidays include Easter, Cruismas (Dec 25), Uté Dedication day, March 29th, New Year's day and the day after, Utani Confederation Day, January 26th, and Yutassa Rae, October 13th. The latter is an interesting cultural day celebrating marriage, and is the Utani customary day for the choosing of brides. It is the traditional day when engagements are officially announced, and the "only" day women can ask men to marry them. It would be the Utanian equivalent of "Valentine's day" in the rest of Vexillium.
     As Utania is less than a year old as a nation, there is no precedent for nationalist celebrations, such as Confederation Day or Independence Day (which is likely to be chosen for June 1st, when Utania gained independence from the UNV). However, Confederation Day and Ute dedication day are celebrated nationwide with great pageantry and ceremony and would be the best day to be close to a tribal capital, as the local royalty will celebrate those days in full traditional regalia.
     There is also several less traditional celebrations held by various cities, however, most of these are formative and cannot be relied upon to have longevity just yet.


Utania has some of the best skiing in Vexillium, with Savana's mountain ranges offering numerous snow-capped mountains above 3000m. The biggest issue travelers will find will be their lack of facilities and set-up. Most mountains will fall under Savana's state government or under the Savaj Imperial crown, and neither institution is particularly committed to providing such facilities, claiming "Uta-Decashi exploitation".
     Nonetheless, Savaj Royal Ski Lodge is open to the public, with modern facilities and great luxury, and has some of the best skiing in the country. It will be a little more expensive, Û200 per night, but ski hire is cheap as is most everything else, if you're converting from Christiana Crowns. The lodge is a mere 80 km from Navoomi, and well sign-posted.
     Second alternative is the Virana-Koj ski lodge (Koj meaning fortress as this ski lodge is near the Viranese ancient fortified town), which has modern facilities and is frequented by most middle-class Luka residents. A room will cost about Û150, and most other prices are reasonable to cheap.
       There are several other alternatives, and the best resource would be the local Utanian tourist office.


Surfing is not an activity undertaken by the locals with any enthusiasm, so expect to be looked on with novelty-value when you take the board out, but the country's beaches have some excellent surfing. All along the east coast there are good surfing beaches, but by far the best is just outside the city of Mulgrave, a place called K'yara Beach (loosely "Guts" beach) where sizable waves have been known to frequent.


Walking tracks in Utania are generally poorly sign-posted and poorly tended, but then they are really only there for locals to get about. The exception, hiking tracks for leisure, are in the Ujam or Letherington forests. Wild natural rainforests with heavily emphasis on caring for them, providing sanctioned paths and numerous sign-posts. These can provide some of the best walking, underneath the rich green, tropical canopy, there is many sights to see along the way. The best track is the Richman-Kopani Track, which takes a long day to traverse, and camping is not permitted. It is only 20 km off the Letherington-Yoamith road about 5km from Letherington.


Information on studying Utanian culture or language can be found at any Utanian Embassy abroad. In Utania, contact the Ministry of Tourism on 20 385 4438, or 31 Benderslane, Sb. Gueran, Luka. Several such courses are available at the University of Luka, and they will cost anywhere between U80 for a day-course, to Û3000 for a semester (twenty-week) course.


Obtaining a work visa in Utania has been an incredibly difficult process in the past, though recent business-minded reforms have made getting a sponsored visa significantly easier. This means if an Utanian company, or foreign company established in Utania, wants you to work for them, they need only apply for your work visa and you will most likely get it (barring criminal convictions, etc..).

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