UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: June 17th, 300ap.

Utanian Electoral Commission finalises electorates.

The UEC, a federal body reponsible for the management of clean and fair elections in Utania, has finalised the electoral boundaries that pave the way for political polling and the federal Parliamentary election to be held.

Fourty-one electorates, representing of between half-a-million to one-and-a-half-million citizens each, have been finalised after months of finalising a draft that satisfied all parties: the Parliamentary parties, the President and the UNV "Point South" Administration, which will continue to have a monitoring role alongside the UEC in the upcoming election. Between two and five MP's will be elected from each electorate, each MP representing about 300,000 citizens, by a system called "Multiple-Member Cut-off Proportional" (MMCP). The total number of MP's will be 137.

With the electorates finalised, the pressure is on the President to now make legal political polling, thus opening the final chapter of Utanian Democracy: the first free national election. The election will be called by the Prime Minister, but cannot be held any later than August 31st.

The final electoral boundaries can be seen at:

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