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10 July 300 AP

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Football: Luka v Utan Krysaror, could violence break out?

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Football: Luka v Utan Krysaror - Could violence break out?

Police in Luka are taking no chances, they say, as next weekend's clash between the two top teams in the Utanian Football Cup, Utan Krysaror and Luka Central is set to bring over 10,000 UK fans to the game, and equally-dedicated fans of the Luka Central team are set to defend their team's honour as well.

Police in Luka remember last year's events, in which over 1,000 fans of Utan Krysaror took to the streets in a bloody rampage when their team was savaged by the Luka Central team in last year's ironicly-named friendly games, the prelude to the current Utanian Football Cup. Police Commissioner David Saltus declared in a Tuesday press conference that "there will be no repeat of last year's event".

Over ten thousand fans of the national capital's team will be bussed and taking trains to Luka to witness the game in the newly refurbished National Football Stadium. There they will join the estimated eighty thousand Lukans to watch the two top teams in the competition battle it out for supremacy. Neither side has lost a game yet, of three played, and nor are they expected to be defeated by this weekend's challengers: UK play Benmore in Benmore, while Luka play Charleston at the National stadium.
The competition ladder for the premier league, after round three, is as follows:
TeamWinsDrawnLostGoal Advantage
Luka CentralLuka Central300+4
Utan KrysarorUtan Krysaror300+3
Nystos CentralNystos Central201+2
Shecker DiamondsShecker Diamonds102-1
Vela LukaVela Luka012-3
Ujam LionsUjam Lions003-3

Utanians have been treated to some top class soccer this year, with the U.F.Cup providing the means and necessity to form the best possible teams. In this week coming, Luka Central playing Charleston, the third-place team, is tipped to be the game to watch.
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