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August 20th, 301 AP

Satellite company to fly

The federal government this week announced a multi-million pund deal with the Lendosan Confederation's LBC to launch, co-operate and co-maintain a satellite television network for Utania by the end of the year. The satellite is essential for Zeitgeist News, the hopefully 24-hour news broadcaster that has been operating through one of the regional channels daily for six hours. The LBC and Utanian government will form the Û1.5 billion Starlight Corporation that will be 2/3 Utanian, 1/3 LBC owned. It expects profits of Û100 million annually. Pipped to the post were the Burovians.

The Utanian Defence Minister, Samual Artos, called South Bay a "national security nightmare", a charge strongly denied by the Lochboer government who are still fuming over the "little dirty war" it accuses Utania of fighting at its airport. The war of words is after the August 7 forceful retaking of the Aij Utani jet by UPIA agents and Utania's Tokape special forces troops. Meanwhile, 24% of polled voters say that "regional instability" is one of the top 3 issues for Utania.

The Vexgames got underway with little fanfare, but much sport. Utania scored a win in the Men's Road Time Trial cycling, the silver medal going to Gordan White, an accomplished cyclist from country Lasanne state.

Good news about Rovens (at last!)

The Peoples Republic of Rovens send only a handful of atheletes to the Vexgames, almost all Guwimithians, almost entirely using private funding, the government in complete disarray at the time. Now, two of them, Mikhail Vyakhirev and Konstantin Fiveia have received gold and silver in the ten metre platform dive, a monster achievement for the men who were the only entrants in that event from Rovens. Celebrations erupted in Haastadt and other eastern cities in Rovens. Perhaps sport will be the unifying factor for Rovenians?
Poll: http://www.jaggedblue.com/rim/pres_poll_301.html

Polls published in Monday's Zeitgeist Magazine revealed that while 59% of the population would vote for President Okarvits, his support was at least "somewhat influenced" for 48% of voters by his performance in key issues, most notably poverty and wealth/income redistribution. Polled voters also expressed a dissatisfaction with the President's performance to date, scoring him only a "C+", and 44% saying he needed to "work harder and achieve more".

Economists this week also released their report on the the economic state of the nation's 11.66 million households. Average income is Û29,830, but the poorest 20% of household earn a mere Û80 each week, while the middle 20% earn Û323 per week. The average number of workers per household is also 1.73, and average number of people per household is four. It also meant the economy was a known: Û437.5 billion or ChC145.8 billion.

Governor Hope of Lasanne state demanded the President act quickly to spare his state crippling power shortages that are looming this summer. The President cancelled the Governor's plans for two new coal stations on environmental grounds, but has not come up with a replacement. The Governor's comment was described as "uncharacteristic" for a peaceable Governor. But then, he is facing a reelection bid later this year.


A Judge in the Luka suburb of Richmond courted controversy by putting a 1m x 1.2m wooden plaque behind his desk in the Richmond Magistrate's Court. The plaque lists the ten commandments. It is seen as a test for Governor Hope who has always been a moderate in religious matters, attracting a strong Uta-Decashi vote, who are less likely to be religiously Cruistian.

An Utanian company, Eliste Electronics, has won a contract with the "Western Tribes Alliance", a group representing the Chiquiti, Kanharan and Tuaman Utani peoples, to supply 200,000 wind-up/solar radios. The Û10 million contract is being funded by the federal government to provide a radio per household.

The new UNV building is nearing completion, with the only things remaining being the final allocation of suites to nations, and the official naming and opening ceremony.

With the collapse of EZO, and subsequent emigration, the autonomous Fenizic island of Fora Rifo's population has doubled to 6,000.

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