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Issue 9,
Volume 8,
23 July 301 AP

The Story behind the news.
How Nuclear power could come back
Auranj Mfg issue profit warning

Utania's new government
Lasanne's election results
Nystonia's election results
Savana's election results
Utani B'yan's election results

Hijacked! The story inside.

Will this old man get any justice?

International COVER: Is Rovens falling apart
"Zartanian go home!" And they are.

Football: The agony of defeat - Luka takes a tumble!
Football: Savaj sack their coach.

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Issue 9, Volume 8

How Nuclear power could come back
The Conservative government of Lasanne is looking seriously at nuclear power once again, with some changes.

Auranj Manufacturing's profit warning
Has the darling of the automated manufacturing sector over-extended itself? Our business analysts take a look at the latest warning from the chairman.

Utania's new government
Utania went to the polls two weeks ago, and we've got the results here, with all the analysis, and even an assessment of what the result means for President Okarvits in eighteen months.
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It has been some years since an international flight has been hijacked in Vexillium. We talk to the Utanians who are seeking a peaceful resolution, and to officials from around the world to see what they think of this latest hijacking.

Rovens under seige
The Government of Rovens is under seige, as the youth riot and the military edges itself toward assuming control. We take an in-depth look at the situation in our fifth-closest neighbour.

From the Editor-in-Chief

This has to be the BIGGEST edition in my memory for Zeitgeist magazine. But, this is also the most eventful period in the region's history.

Utania held elections, and after two-weeks on the knife edge, we announce who we think the next Prime Minister will be. In Lochboer, the capital of South Bay, to our country's north, armed paramilitaries -- the same who "invaded" the country seven weeks ago -- hijacked an Aij Utani passenger jet and held 183 lives in the balance, threatening to explode the plane if their leader is not released from an Utanian military prison. Finally, on Friday night, Rovens descended into chaos, with the government coalition collapsing, the threat of civil war returning, and a military coup back on the books. We look closely at what hope there is for Rovens, and, most importantly, we look closely at the long term solutions.

A nation of troubles

It is never easy to see a nation torn apart, partitioned, divided. It is happening in Dignania, with the communists and the democrats dividing the nation is two. Perhaps we are seeing it happen in Rovens as well. The rioting and disorder are not what I am referring to, though these are certainly devastating enough to a country that just doesn't need it. I'm referring to the underlying divide that separates the Guidarm from the Pataki, the Pataki from the Gvonj-Utani, and the Gvonj-Utani from the Guwimithians. It is a country of four peoples that have extremely differing views on how the nation should be governed that it is hard to imagine why UNVCOCN (United Nations of Vexillium Council on Collapsed Nations) regional Mission Director, Douglas Fand, was so determined to see them fused together as one nation, and refused to accept any independence proposal that didn't share that vision.

Perhaps the realities of Rovens should be accepted: divide and prosper. Certainly they should accept a common market for the benefit of their economic development, but a federalist political union is not necessary for economic union. Perhaps the federal government of Rovens should legislate for the creation of autonomous states, with state governments empowered to run the state how they please: communist or militarist?

We look at the issues, the possible solutions, and the dangers for Utania in this week's Zeitgeist Magazine.

Marius Allende,

For those who are wondering whether all of this was pre-planned, whether the election was random or simply pre-determined, here's the answers.
  • The elections are all random. In fact, I didn't get the answer I wanted from the random model, I got yet another hanging parliament when I was conspiring to get a strong majority Peoples party government so that I could deal to this Death Penalty business once and for all. Alas.   ;-)   I use an excel spreadsheet to generate a randomised process for determining which party gets how many votes. I do this for each and every electorate in Utania, then use the Utanian formula for determining who gets how many seats.
  • As for the situation in Rovens, once again, it was not all pre-planned (I probably shouldn't be telling you all this ;-) ) but a series of responses to events. After "Rovens Backstage Part 3" set the General's conspiring, something had to happen... they had to frame K'yonte, and Penyassa was the perfect target. However, the results of that assassination only came to me after thinking about how the Pataki people venerated the man, and how they would react with enormous frustration. Everything that has come from that is purely... reactions to events, and reactions to those reactions, all within the framework of Roven's current fragile state.
  • Most of what I write daily is done this way -- thinking about how these "people" would think or react and writing accordingly -- which I think makes events far more plausible and realistic. That's the reason I have completely random elections, because then even (only?) for me the process is a tad more interesting, even exciting.
  • That and the fact that I'm slowly developing all these split personalities.   ;-)
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