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Issue 44,
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26 March 301 AP

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Governor Cryer's landslide
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Analysis: Mr popular

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Interview with Rovens military chief
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Interview: Rovens' military chief, Amea Kope

Amea Kope was appointed Minister for the Military of Rovens only two months ago, but during that time, he has already had an impact on the forty year rebellion, establishing a truce with all rebel forces, and claiming the civil war could be over within the year. This diminutive, balding, bespectacled former lawyer may be the country's most significant reformer if he can pull this off, and may be in line for the Presidency himself. Zeitgeist Magazine took a moment from his busy schedule to speak to the man some are already calling the "Peacemaker".

Q; You have achieved something that no one has achieved over forty years of this rebellion: a truce. How?
A; I think part of the key to this is respect. And I don't think that the rebels are stupid, I think they know as well as any of us that the war is over, the oppressor is gone, and that they can now hang up the guns and take to ploughs.

Q; Respect? You have respect for the rebels?
A; Absolutely. They have been seeking the same outcome as I in their own way, and are prepared to die for that outcome. I am less the brave man (laughs), and sought to change the world through the law. I have known and defended many rebels, saved many lives (from execution through his defence of them during the Guwimith regime). They are good people. I fear I may be the first in my position to have thought so.

Q; You have been appointed only two months, but already you are making statements that peace may be possible within a year. Is this really possible?
A; I have been charged with the responsibility for ending the forty year rebellion, and I believe that this is far easier now than it has been for forty years simply because there is no one left to fight. The Tsar is gone, the UNV are gone. We, the Rovens people, are in charge of our own destiny now, something we have not had for hundreds of years. We have an opportunity to really build on the achievements of the rebellion, but must do so as part of a democratic society.

Q; You say that you want to "build on the achievements of the rebellion". What things have they achieved that you wish to build upon?
A; Well, I think they have established order in the north-west of the country, and they have a system of government that manages the roads, the infrastructure and distribution channels for food and other products. These don't exist in other parts of the country. Their efforts should not be swept away by a bureaucrat in Haastadt. We will build on these.

Q; How do you expect to negotiate the rebels away from their weapons?
A; I think the first step is a mutual recognition that the war is over, that we are not their enemies. This will provide the essential basis for a long-lasting peace. The second step, which can only follow this first one, is that we present to them that there is no need to continue militarising the countryside. If there is peace between us, then they are as much part of the defense forces as our regular army. I would encourage them to support the framework for this government, support the country's institutions and foundations, becoming integrated once again. For then we have a united nation, and a united people.

Q; You see them as the same as the regular army?
A; Absolutely, and to that end, I would propose that if they wish to continue to provide for the defense of the nation, always an admirable profession, then they should join that same institution, the Rovens Defense forces. I would propose that the rebel armies and regular army are merged to cooperatively achieve the same goal. By working from the inside, the rebels are not only changing the society they now belong to, they are actively supporting it, not undermining it. And this is essential.

Q; Who do you see Rovens taking its cue from militarily? Who would be the country's main defence partners?
A; (Laughs) Oh, you cannot after only two months expect me to answer that! It is an issue that Rovens as a whole has not had much opportunity to examine closely, and I would propose is a matter for the Parliament, rather than I. I believe that ties to the SEOC region will certainly feature, but that ties to Armatirion will certainly be strengthened.

© 301, Zeitgeist Magazine.
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