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The Church in Lendosa

55 million Lendosans can't all be wrong

Based on this "Insecularity law", and the Confederation's public support for it, the international community could be forgiven for thinking Lendosa is a religion-poor nation. However, in fact, two-thirds of the Lendosan population are religious, and two-thirds of those are Cruisian. At 55 million Cruisians, Lendosa has one of Vexillium's largest Cruisian populations.

Eclesia dolo Cruzo Sacrado do Cruiso, or Church of the Sacred Cross of Cruis, also known as the Papaist Church, is the largest religious body in the country, having a flock of some 38.5 million Lendosans, including Pedro Carmonte. There are several other smaller Cruisian churches including the Eclesia dala Verdade (Church of the Truth), an Ulanovan immigrant church of some 5.5 million members, the liturgically-informal Eclesia Libera (Free Church) with some 3.3 million members, and the highly formal, traditional Eclesia do Veneracano Verdadeiro (Church of Truthful Worship) with two million members.

There remains five or so million Cruisians of smaller church organisations or none. Despite this high level of membership, critics claim that the faith of the participants is not as strong as all this suggests. Families belong to churches as they have always done for generations, but individuals do not always have the same personal connection to the faith that their ancestors did. To this end, successful, fast-growing churches are often small foreign, or domestic revivalist groups. Revival movements exist in all four main churches, and while the Lendosan government permits such groups operating in the country, it casts a wary eye on them.

There are another 29.5 million religious believers in Lendosa, including two non-centralised religions, the Larists and Veldanists, who occupy the islands of Lendosa and Piolhosa respectively, plus the smaller Kha, Ranhi, and Paspalhite faiths.

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