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Who is Senator da Tenio?

The moderate voice amidst Lendosan conservatives that may yet lead the country.

The Lendosan Administrator of Justice, Senator Reinaro da Tenio, is arguably one of the more powerful figures in the 150-member Lendosan Senate, the highest legislative body of the Confederation. More recently, he has been elected leader of the fifth most powerful party in the Senate, the Imperial Party.

Justice does not always correspond to law
Senator da Tenio
Senator da Tenio would best be described as a calculating man. In interviews, every reply the Senator provides is carefully worded, carefully considered and weighed. He often takes time to provide an answer while he carefully weighs what to say. This is reflected also in his actions, when he is patient, calculating and cautious.

Da Tenio is, in this way, arguably a true leader, as well as a master politician. While lessor political lights are only too happy to provide the unedited flashes of their insights and opinions, da Tenio is restrained, dignified and patient: the facts will be revealled, and then we shall act.

Which is what makes da Tenio’s recent and unheard-of criticism of his predecessors, whom he blames for the Imperial Party’s failure to engage with voters in a new age, something to be taken seriously. He stands as a man dedicated to changing.

The Imperial Party has always been the party of reason, of pragmatism, and of common sense, but we lost our way in the last decade. We abandoned reason for ideologism, and became as rigid and dogmatic as the parties we opposed.
Senator da Tenio
Senator da Tenio is an elected representative of Avris region, a region in the western centre of the northern Lendia island. The son of a minor aristocrat, he studied Politics at the University of Gloria Libertatis, and took a career in the civil service, before becoming ardently political when the Lendian Empire began to fail, ultimately giving way to Lendosan Confederation. The Imperial Party was his obvious choice of party, one that harks back to the Empire that provided "stability and strength of purpose", a party that is arguably Lendosa's only major "conservative" party in a country ruled by communists, socialists, pro-market reformers and centrists.

However, da Tenio is no ardent imperialist. While he remains committed to conservative causes, he is also the leader of the Imperial Party's reformist wing. Consequently, he now stands as leader of the party, and as Administrator of Justice, a position the party had long coveted.

What makes this man even more important to Lendosan politics is that in the Confederation's April election, the Imperial Party was the only major party to increase its vote -- and of all parties only the tiny Fascists outpaced them almost tripling from 0.6% popular support. While the Socialists, Reform, Balance and Communists lost between 9% and 21% of their popular support, the Imperial Party more than doubled its share from 4.2% to 9.4%.

Furthermore, it was one of only three parties to win more electoral Senate seats than party list seats, eleven to six (the Socialists did better winning thirteen

We.. abandoned pragmatism for unthinking hostility to change, opposing things simply for the sake of opposition. We offered no viable alternative to what we condemned.
Senator da Tenio
electorates and seven list seats). That support is also the strongest on the two main islands of the Confederation, Piolhosa and Lendia, where the Imperial Party won nine of forty-two possible Senate electoral seats, ahead of any other party. This means the party has a very strong regional support base from which to expand its support nationwide. Finally, for what it's worth, the Imperial Party was the first and only to receive vocal foreign support: from the Cimeran Prime Minister.

Not bad for a party reinventing itself after 150 years of almost single-party rule.

What this means is that the left-centre dominated Lendosan Senate could yet again be dominated by the Imperial Party. And Senator da Tenio could be the most influential person in that Senate.
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