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25 September 300 AP

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Has Utanian Democracy failed?!
Editorial: The UNV's lack of faith!

Argent buys-out Gorlandrin
Utania's new elite?

Election 300
Has Utanian Democracy failed?!
The Uncertainty Principle (poll)
Where to vote?

Power-brokers standing by

International The rising star of Auroro Unuigxo

Utania's Vexgames bid
Football: Is Luka Central unbeatable?

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What IS a Zeitgeist?

Jerman for "Spirit of the Age". In this case it is to mean the "spirit" of the Utanian people, the magazine reporting the people's thoughts behind the press-releases and reported news.
The UNV's lack of faith!

It was a shock for editorial and journalist staff at this magazine to receive the UNV communiqué that openly doubts the Utanian people's ability to adhere to democracy, to accept and negotiate through a split Parliament, and to survive this constitutional crisis instead turning to chaos, anarchy and military coups. And we were endlessly mindful of the possible effect releasing this memo could have on elections coming this very week.

However, we felt it essential that the people of Utania know that certain analysts in the world have no faith in them, and that they can prove the nay-sayers wrong from this Wednesday to Saturday. We also felt it essential that the people be prepared for the onslaught against our sovereign state should the elections not produce a "UNV-friendly" result.

For the UNV to even TALK of invasions, to even talk of military coups before they have even happened is a high insult to the people of this fair-minded and democraticly-committed nation. And for the UNV to even suggest "re-securing" the territory they apparently still regard as their own is outrageous.

For these reasons, the Zeitgeist chose to publish this communiqué.

We got this memo in the past week; we asked some people hypothetically what they thought. Military said it would repel a "re-securing force", costing lives and millions of pund in equipment. Politicians said we would reconvene the congress of state politicians and they would govern until a new election Shows a lack of faith by UNV Davidz refused to comment and denied such a memo existed. Utania would not descend into chaos!

It is particularly insulting to think this is how the UNV regard Utania when the events haven't even occurred or been alluded to. There has been no sabre-rattling by General Arjaat, or any other military leader, to prompt consideration of an imminent military coup. Even the campaigning politicians have been somewhat considerate toward eachother, with no talk of dissolving the new union of the four states even being broached. And there has been no talk of militias being raised or used by the states to "seize control" of other states and force a national union.

It would appear the UNV has insignificant understanding of this country's culture, and too much to say about it!

In fact, every politician, every general, every commentator that this magazine has interviewed, spoken to or received reply-emails from has completely dismissed any suggestion that democracy is on the edge in Utania! General Arjaat said that he would repel any invading force, even the UNV, and that there would be a military coup in "this country over my dead body!!"

Politicians have been equally dismissive. From President Hope, to George Okarvits, to the Savaj Emperor's office, everyone is of the same opinion: this union of four states can be dissolved by one people, and one people only - Utanian citizens in a democratic vote. Furthermore, none of them would even consider raising a state police force or militia against another state.

Kyle Langley, however, was livid, asking why it was that the UNV would even SUGGEST that they COULD re-occupy Utania, a sovereign country, even if it descended into chaos. And his comments ring true: Utania is now independent, standing on its own, and it is perhaps time that the leadership and focus of the UNV mission to "Point South" should be reviewed by the UNV.

For the UNV's part, they've clearly been reading about the Savaj Empire seizing control of the other tribes too recently. They've been reading too much into the I'ana occupation. They've also read far too much into the presence of the Savaj Emperor's armed militia. They clearly read excerpts of the news, but not researching the people themselves. They clearly do not understand Utania!

It appears to have been, however, the close electoral race that has unnecessarily inspired the extreme pessimism in the UNV. Neither coalition is a clear winner, and concerns are being raised about who is likely to rule the country (see election poll). Unnecessary, Zeitgeist magazine feels, for there are many combinations and permutations to a successful government, and Utania's politicians, and the people who elect them, will expect flexible thinking and compromises in the election of a new leadership.

Here's to hoping that the next week shows the world, and seals the fate of the UNV here in Utania.
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