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The future of football in Utania

So, if this is football in Utania now, what does the future hold?

The UFA is absolutely dedicated to the goal of keeping football infused in the Utanian culture. This does not mean pushing all other sports out, but that football will retain its dominance.

It is the peoples' game, easy to learn, easy to play, good exercise and inspirational for the people.

So, given it is so infused already, how will the UFA maintain this dominance?

Concentrating on bringing International competitions to Utania, and improving the quality of the domestic competition.

The goal: the Vexcup

Utanians are under no misconceptions about what they desire for their beloved game on the national level: victory in the Vexcup.

Survey upon survey reports strong disappointment at the Crusader's performance at the recent 301 Vexcup and at each of the Vexgames. Most believe Utania should be equal to the top 8 teams in Vexillium, and are determined to press on until that vision is a reality.

The UFA fully supports both their desire and fervent belief that we have one of the strongest teams in the world. It is the aim of the UFA to provide the frame work in which every player in the Crusaders can perform to his very, very best come game time.

As such, the UFA has spent several million punds on providing training facilities and flying players to and from their clubs to make this happen.

The UFA is also actively pursuing the idea of an "Utanian Invitational", where the UFA invites the best teams from around the world to play the Crusaders on their own turf.

At the very least, the UFA will be making sure the Crusaders play in as many international competitions as possible, including the upcoming Empire Cup (in Zartania) and Old Continent competition.

Nor should this goal of winning the Vexcup be understood to be the only sign of success for Utanian football. The Crusaders shall be clearly focused on winning each competition as it comes around, starting with the Empire Cup.

Hosting the Vexcup

The next step after hosting invitational tournaments is to host the greatest prize of them all, the Vexcup itself.

The UFA is confident that hosting the cup should be possible for 303 or 304ap, and will be pressing ahead with plans on those lines.

To that end, plans to build a national-size stadium in the nation's capital will be progressing forthwith, with a capacity to hold in excess of 120,000 fans.

These are some of the things in the future for Utanian football.
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