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Agraam Ayana Banyasar Bathenne Benmore Bentleigh B'yantusu Charleston
Geelong Hamilton Isaston Kanhara Koltij Leth'ton Lidcombe Luka
Luka H. Mulgrave Nystos Ploche Richmond Savaj K Shecker Tuama
Ujam Utan K Utan Savaj Vela Luka Virana Waitaki West Heights Yan Gror
UFA-registered teams

Utanian football has thousands of teams nationwide, as each village in some parts of the country sponsor their own teams, and belong to their own leagues.

The UFA is a keen supporter of Utanian football, and provides funding to various UFA-registered clubs around the country. Registration is for a nominal fee determined by membership numbers, and entitles teams to join the UFA Cup and the various UFA-sponsored championships nationwide.

There are 4,856 teams registered with the Utanian Football Association. The country's smallest team, by membership (and organisers) is Bamassa in northern Utani B'yan state, with sixteen players and twenty-three members.

The country's largest, by membership, is the mighty Luka Central, which has over 304,000 members.

UFA National Team

The UFA is also the body recognised as the primary Utanian football body by IVEFA, and is therefore the body that organises, staffs, and funds the Utanian National Football team, the Utanian Crusaders.
UFA Championship

Of these several thousand teams are thirty-two that make up the first and second divisions of the Utanian Football Association Championship.

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All 4,856 UFA-registered teams are eligible to register for the UFA Cup, the UFA's knock-out tournament to be played in the middle of the year.

The UFA cup will provide prize monies to the teams that qualify to the last sixty-four, sixteen, eight, four and two teams, as well as the finalist, who will have the honour of holding aloft the prized cup.

It provides the best opportunity for clubs to face off against some of the country's best teams, and perhaps make a name for themselves.
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