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Southern Inter-Provincial Football Association (SIPFA)

The UFA has its roots in the Southern Inter-Provincial competition (SIPC), a coalition of teams and leagues that formed an inter-province competition in the south of the Guwimithian dependencies. The three now Utanian-controlled provinces were involved plus South Bay's Trix and Yellow Lake provinces.

The SIPC was formed in 271, after provincial democracy was introduced. It consisted of twelve teams at first, playing 22 matches each, and, in 277, an "SIPC Cup" was created in which most regional teams would play against eachother in a knock-out competition for the SIPC trophy. A second division was added in 281, and a third was briefly trialed in 287 for two years before being scrapped.

The SIPC was not without its own controversy. While ethnic Guwimithians were allowed to play, the Guwimithian clubs banded together and refused to join any competition that allowed the inferior Dependency peoples to also play. The SIPC was determined to break with tradition, and allow Utani and other non-Guwimithian or non-immigrant teams to play.

And then, in latter years, the Mulgrave RFC played, with Utani players, against the Imperial team of the Guwimithian Empire, and was, until Utani player Amaru was removed from the field, winning until the embarassment forced the club to make certain changes to the line-up.

Imperial Collapse

In 299, just as the SIPC season was to begin, the Guwimithian Empire collapsed, ending three hundred years of rule by the corrupt Tsarist state. Over the course of the year, "UNVCOCN Territory Point South" was forming, and Utanian lobbyists campaigned ceaselessly for a united Utania.

When Yellow Free State formed later that year, the SIPC provinces that fell into that country withdrew from the now-irrelevant SIPC and formed their own national competition with other former provinces now part of the new country. When that transformed into South Bay, the new league just changed name, the South Bay National Soccer League (SBNSL).

Meanwhile, Utania came into being during the months of April and May 300ap, with a UNV vote in late May certifying that "Utania" would be formed. The remnant of the SIPFA not joined into the SBNSL, transformed into the UFA.
Utanian Football Association

The Utanian Football Association, UFA, formed mere days after Utania was formed, taking the Utanian portions of the SIPC -- that is, excluding the Yellow Bay and Trix province teams that had gone into the SBNSL -- but was only able to string together a short season that year. The UFA did manage to pull together an Utanian national team to play in tournaments that year, but repeated allegations of cronyism, corruption and mismanagement of funds dogged the organisation. So did old attitudes that served the organisation well while under autocratic and racially-biased Guwimithian rule, but not now as part of a free democratic state.

The following year, 301ap, was the first year in which a full UFA league season could be played, with 24 teams fighting it out in two divisions. The national team, the Utanian Crusaders, also played several international games. It was also the year in which federal police raided the offices of the UFA, and arrested dozens of officials, including the chief executive. Progressive management of the UFA then took control, and season 301 was allowed to begin without the sting of corruption hanging over the season.

The UFA Board then began a series of significant reforms that, at the beginning of 302ap, are not yet complete. One set of changes was to expand the number of teams by 8, bringing the two-division league to 32 teams, and season 302 to a monster 30 rounds of games, or 480 games for the complete season in two divisions.

A mid-year knock-out competition is also planned, the UFA cup, which will allow non-UFA teams to participate.

Rest assured, the legacy of the SIPC and the UFA, the clubs and teams that have been in the organisation, will be protected by the Utanian Football Association. We strive to bring the reputation of football to unrivalled spotlessness, bring the game to the people with players touring with football clinics and support for local leagues. The UFA is committed to one thing: making football the best sport in the country, and making the world know Utania is the best football nation in the world.
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