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This section of the website is dedicated to the organisation of the Utanian Football Association, its staff and structure, its purposes and how you can interact with it.

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Our Reputation

Much has been said and written over the years about the UFA and its standing in the public arena. Our past has not been spotless.

Yet, working with Business Ethics consultants, the organisation is working hard to provide a framework that we believe will prevent the misdeeds of the past. This will be achieved if perhaps only by a change of leadership, with a new Board and management dedicated to promoting football alone.

We pride ourselves on being completely ethical in our dealings with clubs, sponsors, players, teams and organisers.

Consequently, you will note that our new mission statement spends considerable time emphasising the ethical nature of how relationships are to be developed by the organisation and the people within it.

The Mission? Football!

How can the mission be best described? In one word: Football.

This is our one mission. Promoting the game, supporting the game, selling the game, providing people with skills to play the game.

We will spend over Û7 million on school football equipment this year, and over Û16 million providing skills training for all ages of non-professional players: from schoolkids to our oldest players.

Another Û19 million will be spent on the upkeep of grounds OTHER than those played on for the national competition, and we'll spend another Û54 million upgrading facilities at the competition stadiums.

This organisation is also dedicating Û640,000 to making sure that when you ring, fax or "jack into" the UFA, all you'll hear is football, football and football.

We're so dedicated to this game, "We do nothing by halves".
The Mission

The UFA is a non-profit organisation established by the clubs of Utania to promote, support and organise the great game of football.

Simply: Do nothing by half!
  • To promote football. To attract fans to the game, and to promote ethics and good, fair conduct in the running of and playing of the games.
  • To promote upskilling of fans and professional players alike, without favour to one or the other, in the skills of the game. At the end of each year, the sum total football skills of the nation should increase. This may mean providing competition structures to formative teams, funding for teams and/or skills training sessions.
  • To support football, the clubs, the players, the organisers and the fans, regardless of their size or apparent relative importance to the UFA.
  • To BE fair, upstanding, and completely ethical in all our dealings with suppliers, sponsors, clubs, members, patrons, employees and all other stake holders. This also means being completely above reproach when approached with opportunities to do otherwise, and to report them to internal ethics committees. Let the game never come into disrepute because of the UFA.
  • To provide a framework to allow as many clubs as possible to play against eachother at the level at which they are best suited, but to not leave that a restrictive list, and provide annual openings to other teams to swap in and out of various competitions.
  • To provide a regular competition for all clubs registered to play against eachother, from the best of the best to the lowliest teams, promoting the game, the players, the skills of the game.
  • To provide, support, fund and promote the National football team, the pride of Utania in all international tournaments it is practical to attend. To promote the culture of Utania in these meetings.
  • To provide a framework by which the history of the game is preserved and made available to all. To provide regular reminders -- be that in the form of markers or statues -- of the country's greatest contributors to the game.
  • To provide opportunities for the national team to play on home soil against other international teams.

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